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    Jul 19, 2016 7:40:31 GMT 5.5


    The most recent update appears to have created "mandatory skus" within the PX40 ATO editor. This is a problem, as it prevents creating a 2N system when one UPS is already existing, while also changing the whips on the existing UPS.

    Prior to the change, it was simple to edit the UPS PDU and then edit BOM the UPS component. 

    Changing one of the UPS's to "Existing" partially solves this issue, but only if whip changes are not required.

    The current work around (cumbersome):
    -Create 2N power zone
    -Change one of the UPS's to existing
    -Add a NEW RPP and configure desired whips
    -Edit ATO to remove RPP
    -Edit BOM to remove RPP services and misc hardware

    Desired process:
    -Allow for full edit ATO of configurable UPS solutions without mandatory parts
    -Edit BOM UPS components that are not needed


    Jul 19, 2016 18:05:50 GMT 5.5

    Hi Ben
    I have the impression that because you have a 2N solution with the PX40, you are trying to deleted the one of the UPS through the Edit ATO  BOM of the PDU.

    If that is what you are trying to do, that has never work that way in the designer.  You have never been able to delete the UPS Sku through editing the ATO BOM of the PDU.

    The only parts that you can edit in the PDU are the breaker, and whips that are part of the PDU.

    For you to add the extra whips and breaker, you need to use the 60kw PDU, then manually add the whips and breaker you need for the project, then edit the PDU ATO BOM to delete that extra lines that are not needed. 

    Jul 19, 2016 20:54:51 GMT 5.5


    You are correct on the UPS SKU's (they always needed to be edit BOM'd). However, the "mandatory" SKU's within the PDU section as part of the ATO editor are new.

    The problem with this is when dealing with all of the associated services, containment, etc. It's just MUCH simpler to drop a PX40 in the row, edit the PDU and then edit BOM the UPS out.

    This worked previously, as I had a design expire that needed updates and I was forced to go the RPP route, where I had previously approved an edited PX40 PDU.