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    Nov 13, 2017 13:15:57 GMT 5.5


    When I create solution with single row, the designer removed row and show racks without any row and gives error every time.CUsersSESA335151DesktopDesigner reopening t....jpg

    Nov 14, 2017 16:16:15 GMT 5.5

    Hi Milind,

    Any solution should have minimum requirement of room size to place row. It is not valid scenario. Please make room little bigger.


    Nov 14, 2017 17:00:47 GMT 5.5

    Thanks for your input Ravi. When I start the room design the room layout shows one row is possible. then only I can place equipment in the room. Once the design is done and I come back to same design the design shows me this is invalid design with rack, InRow, UPS with containment shown (as it is in the attached drawing).

    If you start the design with smaller dimensions the designer shows no row possible and will not allow you to keep any equipment in the room. This is other-way round scenario where designer shows me row is possible and then on revisit changes the decision. When I do it in Visio I can comfortably keep rack, InRow and UPS (Symmetra) and containment.

    Another issue is with Hot Aisle containment. The distance we are allowing is 914mm for minimum hot-aisle as per ASHRAE guidelines (at least we mention during start of the design) and then the hot aisle never becomes 914mm as first aisle if single row is selected.

    I am very disappointed and irritated with this issue and was raised earlier as well with no issue resolution.