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    Feb 1, 2018 19:07:15 GMT 5.5

    hi !

    I have different view for one position in my ISX0001428433-0015 (view attach).

    If I create the detailed quote report for this ISX, I can see two rows with SKU SMX120BP (two rows = two SKU)

    In ISX the SKU SMX120BP must be one.

    Many partners didn't understand this troubles of detailed quote report excel file and add the same row twice.

    How to fix this ?



    Copy of ISX0001428433-0015.xlsx (21.9 KB)

    Feb 5, 2018 14:04:52 GMT 5.5

    Hi Rael,

    "If a report extends to more than one page, there is a possibility of a SKU getting displayed more than once. This is to enhance user readability."

    This message is displayed in beginning of each report. If partner has confusion than we need to cover this as part of their on boarding training.