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    Mar 16, 2018 22:32:16 GMT 5.5

    I was hoping this would be fixed in the 10.0 release, but they are still present. 

    1. When a rack is configured for 10kW, ISXD says that the 10kW rPDU won't support it.
    10kW rPDU wont support 10kW.JPG
    2.  When configuring a rack, you enter kW rating, rack type, rPDUs, and sensors.  If you change the rack type, everything resets to defaults and you start all over.  If you miss the "reset", the solution is wrong.

    3.  AP8888 is a 23kW 400V 3 phase rPDU.  The Advance rPDU page also describes it at a 10kW, 208V rPDU... on the same page.
    AP8888 is a 23kW rPDU.JPG

    4. The AP8865 does not have 2x L5-20R it has 2x 5-20R straight blade receptacles.
    AP8865 has 2x 5-20R.JPG