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    Apr 25, 2018 19:16:49 GMT 5.5


    Cannot select ACRC600P using Desktop Design Tool.  Picture is provided in attachment.

    Using Desktop Design Tool, I select Cooling, then try to select 600mm cooling unit with humidification.  I need ACRC600P to meet customer voltage requirement of 208V 3-Phase.  However, the only option for 600mm with humidification that I am offered using the Design Tool is 480V.

    I need to immediately provide ACRD600P to the ISX solution in order to meet the customer requirement and purchase this solution.  At this point, this problem is preventing the customer purchase of this ISX solution.  When can I expect this immediate fix?   


    ISX0001522400.docx (77.8 KB)

    May 10, 2018 10:18:37 GMT 5.5

    Hi James,

    It is logged in Jira# ISXDFT-3796. I will update you as soon as we fix this.