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    Aug 14, 2018 14:37:20 GMT 5.5

    Lasting year to year bug 
    If you try to export to xls big ISX - you get it with addition column names ( for what ???) like this in "image 1.jpg" - see row 42

    if position in row before column names is long , ISXD portal breaks it to 2 rows and dubles it SKU, quantity and price 
    like you can in "image 1.jpg" - see row 41 and 43 

    You can see it in html output mode - is looks normal like you can in "image 2.jpg"

    every time it takes, our partners send us a question and so on. 

    You can just remove addition page breaking and column name rows. They are not needed absolutely. 


    image 1.jpg

    image 2.jpg

    Sept 3, 2018 14:17:52 GMT 5.5

    Hi Sergej,

    It is not a bug but functionality which we have introduced few years back. Based on the feedback which we received from our users globally, we add these line in every new page to enhance usability of long reports. It makes report more clear and less confusing.