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    Oct 26, 2018 22:35:22 GMT 5.5

    I can not configure the Symmetra PX250 or 500 models to power racks that I placed within the solution.

    After placing the Symmetra, I right-click to open the "Configure Symmetra PX250/500" window, however, the racks are not listed within the configuration window for the Symmetra.

    I am not sure why this is happening and any help would be greatly appreciated. Please see the attached screenshots. 




    Oct 29, 2018 18:17:08 GMT 5.5

    Hi Benjamin
    You can not connect Racks to the PX250/500, remember this ups has a 480v output not 208.
    Most of the time the rPDU in the RACKs needs 208v.

    You might need to configure a PDU and then connect the RACKS to this PDU.

    You might need some training about the Designer tool as your status said you are a new member.