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    Oct 8, 2019 2:58:34 GMT 5.5

    I am working on a 4 rack RACS solution.  Everything appears ok, however when I selected the RACS, the ISX only appear to add the ACCS1000 Rack Air containment assembly to the Inrows only, not the AR3140.  I believe that the missing component is a ACCS1006 (APC Rack Air Containment Rear Assembly for Netshelter SX 42RU 750mm wide).

    Could this be checked and corrected please.

    Many thanks in advance

    Oct 9, 2019 16:03:33 GMT 5.5

    Hi Warren,

    Currently, the RACS in the ISX Designer supports only the SX 42U and SX 42U Wide Rack, namely AR3100 and AR3150. Hence, when you are trying to configure RACS with an AR3140, which is a Network Rack SX 42 Wide, it is not adding the Rack Air containment assembly. The Rack Air Containment System does not support the AR3140.

    However, as per your concern, we will forward this feedback to the concerned team and see if the network racks can be included for RACS in the ISX Designer. We will update you with more relevant information.

    Best Regards,
    Manjunath V.